Cameron here! I watch a ton of movies, so that's why I started the 365 Movie Challenge. Check that out below! Or maybe you want a new song every day? Got you covered with my 365 Song Challenge. I've also got a series of minimalist posters based on movies, TV and games; go take a look! If you've got a question for me, just click ask me anything! Thanks!
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Michal Krasnopolski   |

"The ‘less is more’ poster challenge. The basic concept was to create a very modernist, minimalist poster series for movie enthusiasts. The idea is based on a very simple grid: a circle and two diagonals inscribed in a square. It surprised me how many posters I could create based on this very simple approach; the possibilities are theoretically unlimited."

Art director & graphic designer living/working in Warsaw, Poland. Born in 1980, a graduate (Master’s degree) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.  Associated with advertising industry since 2002, winner of Zlote Orly (2008, 2009) & Kreatura (2008) awards. Jury member of the KTR Awards in design category (2008). Working predominantly in advertising, poster design & packaging.

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